Zaid Hamid: Funny Interview

Reporter -Do you speak English?
Ziad Hamid – Yes Of course !
Reporter – Name?
Ziad Hamid – Ziad Hamid…
Reporter – Sex
Ziad Hamid… All 7 days a week.
Reporter – No i mean… male/female?
Ziad Hamid….. Sometimes with both male and female but generally with camels..
Reporter – Holy Cow!
Ziad Hamid – Yes, Cows, Sheep, Pigs…….. Animals in general…
Reporter – Oh dear,
Ziad Hamid – No, deer’s runs too fast!!……



    1. Well…this F is called Zaid Hamid…who calls himself a f*ckeer….

      1. seems you are his die hard FAN πŸ˜‰

      2. I like Zaid Hamid and Tom & Jerry….both make me laugh…

  1. This is fucking hilarious… Long live Zaid Zaman Joker Hamid

    1. His long life is a danger for Pakistani Youth’s mind

  2. This page is fuck**g awesome! Love it! ❀
    –I– to the Ch*t**a Zaid Fuckeer Hamid

    1. all hail to the greatest chutiya of all time…zaid hamid…:)

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