We will launch Ghazwa-e-Hind from Facebook: Zaid Hamid

Dear Children,

Pakistan is in state of 4G war. No we are not talking about the war between companies for 4G communication technology for mobile phones because Pakistan is yet to launch 3G. We are talking about the fourth generation war that is imposed on Pakistan by Indians, Americans and Israelis (we have full information, do not question against us). All the world (like they give sh*t to Pakistan) is conspiring against Pakistan to break it.

As you all know that Pakistan is Madina-e-Sani and is destined to rule India (ah! our dream). Pakistan was created for only one reason and that is Ghazwa-e-Hind (forget that it was created as a separate state for Muslims, follow the history which we are telling you and again do not question us). We have given so many last and final warnings to Hindus to stop screwing Pakistan further. But it is high time that we start preparing for the Ghazwa-e-Hind. And for this battle we have chosen the Facebook as the training ground and the world wide web (www i.e. internet) as the battle field. Here is the snapshot of our official training camp we have declared war against India over Facebook:

Alahmdullah! We have over 35000 strong army (Facebook Fans) ready to invade India. We give you constant azaans to make you into fierce cyber warriors. Out of these 35000 soldiers we will select few majors, colonels and brigadiers. It depends upon the frequency of your likes and comments on our posts. Sharing the post too has special bonus points and if you have created fan pages in our respect you might be awarded with Sitara-e-Zurrat. Every ordinary soldier will be awarded with a wallpaper of Ghazwa-e-Hind.

Children, buy a radio and try to find the frequency over which we will telecast Radio Pakistan Delhi. Last night only we were dreaming of Ghazwa. We saw that we have captured Delhi and we are celebrating the victory. Mehar Bukhari was dancing in true Arabic manner. Our source of inspiration Hamid Gul was also dancing with her. Everything was so white. The next morning our bed sheet too had something white on it. Any ways. Stay tuned to defeat the kufr, jews and paleet hindus.

Your Calipha,

Zaid Hamid Panipat Walay


  1. heena khan · · Reply

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…….laal topee bander truly…..you are truly a comedian….tu yaha aa india mein….tujhe log rajpal yadav se bhi jyada pasand karengey

    1. Please do not insult Rajpal Yadav…:P

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