Zaid Hamid’s famous bongian (conspiracy theories and lies)

This post consists of some of the most stupidly funny and equally disturbing lines (read lies) used by Zaid Hamid (the self claimed defense analyst). These lines are taken from his (disturbingly) inspirational videos. Have a look at them:

  • Dollar has (Illuminati’s) eye in it
  • Sikhs in India are Muslims and they are disguising themselves
  • Dalit and Shudras of India write to him and extend their support for Ghazawa
  • All the world is conspiring against Pakistan to make it Yugoslavia.
  • If you are not with us (Zaid Hamid) you are a traitor
  • Muslims are the rulers and other minorities are second level citizen
  • Banking system and paper currency is fitna (and still Mr. Zaid Hamid sell his publications in Dollars not in gold)
  • The media is awara (scoundrel) but still he updates his Facebook status expressing his joy whenever he is on TV
  • In 5 years (3 years already passed) all the decisions of the world be made in Pakistan and Pakistanis will be on moon.
  • Pakistan, not America, defeated Russia in Afghanistan
  • Pakistan deliberately lost the World Cup Semifinal in 2011 Cricket World Cup to save the massacre of Muslims in India
  • Ghosts fought the war in 1965 war from Pakistan Side. Those ghosts warrior were on white horses and their swords were sparkling.
Remember some more, please leave them in the comments and I will add them to the above list.


  1. why Zaid Hamid is against United State.

    why Zaid Hamid is provoking Pakistani Youth against most powerful country of World ??

    why doesn’t Pakistan government guiding Pakistan youth properly ?

    1. swpanil · · Reply

      Pakistan is a strange state, It is struggling for its own identity, Pakistan army is the strongest institution and worried about its power and investment, it is less bothered about Pakistani society at large. Politicians are corrupt and want to make money as fast as possible ( army may over throw civil govt at any moment) In short there is no leadership in Pakistan which is really interested in nation building, This create unrest in ordinary people, There is only one way to control people i.e is tell them lies, create phobia amongst masses , last 60 years Pakistani leadership is adopting the same tactics, they even changed the history and brain washed generation after generation with lies. What Pakistan need is a true leader, who believe in nation building and not in religion building.

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