Yipee…we are on CNN

Our Children,

Our conspiracy theories are gaining popularity around the globe and CNN (yes, the same CNN which is sold out to CIA, which we have been abusing for months) interviewing us is a proof. It is not like that we are one of the few English speakers in the Madina-e-Sani (ie. Pakistan) but it is our Hitler like attitude that forced the Zionist and awara CNN to interview us. We are really happy and you can see that in our Facebook status. Doesn’t matter if we hate Americans and castigate their media as conspirators, we are on CNN you dumb.

Look in the video how handsome we look in that red cap and we have also showed our cyber capability by browsing Facebook. Alhamdullah.

Your Calipha and New Prophet,

Zaid Zaman Hamid

One comment

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