Hindus convert to Islam or get killed: Zaid Hamid

Zaid Hamid’s hatred towards Hindus and other Non-Muslims is not hidden. He has threatened them to kill Hindus in the past as well and he has done it again. This sociopath is a threat to world peace as well as Pakistan’s own existence. This shameless hate-monger is trying (unfortunately successfully) to fill the Pakistani youth with hatred towards other religions and then he cries that the world is discriminating against Muslims.  Here is the current status (on 7-9-2011) on his official page where he openly threatens Hindus to choose between death or Islam (the religion of Peace).

Here are few more evidences about him threatening Hindus:

I would like to ask Zaid Hamid a question: You are allowed to threaten and hate other religions in Pakistan but then why Pakistanis cry foul when something (of lesser extent) happens to them in outside Muslim world?

Is Islam religion of peace only when your are Muslim?



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  3. Rakesh kumar · · Reply

    Are you a human being.I think you are not a follower of Allah.You are a street side barking dogs. You neither have humanity nor religion…
    Is the word you speak from quran or any of yours religious book.

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